PMM Coach & Consultant

I’m a coach and consultant for product marketing, CMOs, and executive teams, helping them tell more compelling stories to connect with their audiences – and to differentiate company and product.

I share & apply best practices from my 25 years of product positioning experience – and by mentoring in-house product marketing leaders and teams – on building great decks, demos, customer stories, videos, keynote presentations, and web pages.

My clients have told me that my mentorship is a huge growth and retention tool for their teams, and an accelerator of revenue.

My background is 21 years of leading in-house product marketing teams for big companies like Salesforce, Oracle, and Primavera, as well as for startups like Evolve, FirstRain, and Hedgeye. From new products to existing billion-dollar product lines.

More recently, I’ve spent the last 4 years consulting for companies like Lightspeed, Vanta, Cledara, Mambu, Asana, Klaviyo, Coalition, Check, Upwork, Checkr, Planet, ServiceChannel, and Onfido.

This blog is my effort to share some of the lessons I’ve learned, and which I’ve mentored hundreds of product marketers on. I am grateful for the people I’ve gotten to work with – they are the best part of my career.