A Foundation for Great Executive Presentations

Want to get better? Up your game on presenting to executives. Because your work will achieve *way* more, with executive support. And your work & impact will improve with good executive direction.  Plus you’ll get: Faster decisions & clearer feedback Better executive relationships & career advancement Shorter & fewer meetings In this post I'll cover the … Continue reading A Foundation for Great Executive Presentations

Raising Prices: 2 errors & 2 wins

Tech companies are under the gun to improve profit margins and cashflow. One mechanism for this is through packaging & pricing, the most intellectually challenging (and for me, fun!) piece of the PMM’s role.  This post will walk through  2 errors: Narayen & sufficiency errors 2 wins: Repackaging for Role & Integrative benefit Let’s start … Continue reading Raising Prices: 2 errors & 2 wins

Best Practice: Work with CSMs

If you want to understand customers,so you can better position your products, then work with your ally, the customer success manager (CSM). CSMs and Their Relationships Many PMMs choose sales people as their primary path to customers. That’s good. AEs win by finding a business need so important/urgent they can drive a deal. But CSMs often build … Continue reading Best Practice: Work with CSMs

Build Your Own Customer Relationships

To do great positioning, you must talk to customers. Because the best positioning ideas come from your customers.But real conversations only happen when you have a relationship.To be the best PMM, you need to build your own customer relationships. Outside → In Positioning A year after I joined the PMM team for Salesforce’s Service Cloud, I … Continue reading Build Your Own Customer Relationships

The 3-S Demo Video Method

For PMMs, demo videos are an opportunity to shine. Product-driven stories that can reach millions of people.Compelling. Vivid. Concise. But making one can be frustrating and slow if you approach it wrong. Here’s my 3-S Method to deliver the best demo video, fastest.It involves partners: creative, video, agencies, and your peers & boss. The built-in iteration … Continue reading The 3-S Demo Video Method