Stop Apologizing

I assume you have an idea or two about how to make your company grow better. 
(Now is a good time to tell people that idea)
But to persuade humans to change, you need to speak with impact.

Here’s one mistake I see PMMs making, one that is easy to fix:

“I have an idea, but you’ve probably already thought of it, and I might not have taken some important things into account, and we should probably ask some other people, but is it okay if I tell you my idea?”


In rhetoric, that’s called an apology. You’re apologizing for having an idea (!)

Problems with apologies

  • They waste my time. Skip the fluff. Tell me your idea.
  • They prejudice me against your idea
  • They make you seem servile, unsure, timid (not a leader)

And here’s the thing about the person you’re telling your idea to

  • They can’t possibly think of everything; they’re counting on you for ideas
  • Their first step will be to help think through factors you haven’t considered
  • Their second step will be to bring other people into the discussion
  • They want to make money, so ideas are good. 

You see, even the content of your apology treats your audience like an idiot.

Share your ideas. Pitch them with impact.

Stop apologizing. It hurts the idea, the company, and you.

From the foggy front porch in Moss Beach,


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