“Executive Presence” Means Nothing (Sentence Carving 101)

2 PMM leaders that I coach recently got performance reviews. Both were told they need to work on executive presence.This is a useless piece of feedback. Because no one can say what it means. What’s Really Going On? They’re really saying you don’t speak with impact.For impact, there’s one behavior that makes the biggest difference.How you carve … Continue reading “Executive Presence” Means Nothing (Sentence Carving 101)

Reference Marketectures & Platform Positioning

When you need to sharpen up your positioning or reboot it because you’re launching a new product, have a tough competitor, or enter a new market, you can get to better positioning, faster, by taking a reference marketecture approach. A reference marketecture is a drawing of the capabilities offered by all the main vendors in … Continue reading Reference Marketectures & Platform Positioning

The Price You Pay When You Hide Your Pricing

I’m seeing a growing number of tech companies who have decided NOT to list pricing on their websites. I ALWAYS challenge this, because there’s three things wrong with this decision. 1. Hiding your pricing creates fatal levels of doubt Why don’t they say what it costs? This is the worst. Not showing your pricing raises … Continue reading The Price You Pay When You Hide Your Pricing

Recession Positioning: How PMMs Can Help, and How to Get Started

The economy is slowing – and it’s likely to get worse. But for SaaS product marketers, it’s a chance to build your “recession positioning” chops. Here are some thoughts from my time going through the Dot Bomb, the GFC, and more localized tough times. A lot of tech PMMs have not had the experience of … Continue reading Recession Positioning: How PMMs Can Help, and How to Get Started

8-Steps to Sharper Differentiators

Sharpening your competitive differentiators can impact your company’s pipe gen, sales and win rates this quarter and this year. If that’s something you need to do, here’s the approach I use.  What is a Product Differentiator? Product differentiators are unique ways your product creates value for customers. George Hu, when he was at Salesforce, used … Continue reading 8-Steps to Sharper Differentiators