PMM: Always Be Interviewing

Most PMMs interview for new jobs only after deciding to leave, or being let go.
Most PMM managers interview candidates only if there’s open headcount.

There’s a better way.

Job Interviews to Build Network, Intelligence & Insight

As PMMs and PMM leaders, it pays to build your network.
It pays to gather intelligence and ideas on what others are doing, and how.
It pays to hear different points of view on challenges/priorities/solutions.

Job interviews do all 3.

For Individual PMMs

Interviewing is an effective self-own to reduce distraction and demotivation.
We deal with frustration, annoying interactions, and tough situations every day.

This can take up a lot of your mental and emotional energy.
You’ll give yourself more focus if you’re more aware of your options.

You’re more likely to enjoy your job and stay.
And if not, better soon than late.

Take a recruiting call once a month.
Do a full interview cycle once a quarter.

This will accelerate you to the best, highest impact you can have. 

For PMM Leaders

Encourage your teams to interview, you’ll have lower attrition.

Always be interviewing, even if you don’t have open headcount.
Build a big network of people you’d like to bring on, ready for when you can.
Build your network and knowledge, for your own future.

List an evergreen PMM job opening.
Connect with an interesting PMM once a month.
Bring someone through a full interview cycle once a quarter.

It’ll make you a better PMM and leader.

From the front porch in Moss Beach,

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